Saturday, September 20, 2008


this was a happy day..
we went to my bestfriend's house..
we done few things though..

first on the list..
when we got there his father welcomed us in thier door..
he was drunk and so talkative..
he ask as the preamble in the Philippine constitution and scold us because we forgot it^_^

then we went to my bestfriend's room..
there we used his computer and volume up the speakers..

then we got sleeppy..
aya went down first..
then my bestfriend, mark, massaged my back..
that was so good^_^

then i slept^_^
when we got up there is aldrin on our side..

then we ate merienda..
we went on a noodle house..

we ate noodles with chopsticks..
my bestfriend doesnt know how to use them^_^
we ate and ate noodles laughing^_^
tpos sinubuuan ko si mark^_^

we were laughing hard..
then my bestfriend take the copsticks home so he could practice^_^

this day was so funny^_^

thanks GOD for making this day^_^

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