Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Earlier in our HUM014 class...
we were assigned to sing in front of the class the song that we were touched...

I sang the song REQUIEM by HALE from their album


But not the whole song...

Here is the lyric of the song...


It’s too late
It’s too soon
For you to go
Away from us

Where are you going?
When will I see you again?
If I could just go with you
But we all die alone

I wanna be brave
I wanna be brave like you
You went into darkness
You fell in darkness
And you will carry on

Did he open the gates?
He let you in
So that you can see me
Down here

Please don’t worry
We’re all doing fine
Taking it slow
We are so proud of you

From the dictionary REQUIEM means a piece of music composed to honor the dead..

I was moved by this song because this explains that even the dead can have a great impact in one’s lives. Death teaches us to be brave but we can be brave even when they are alive.
It also teaches us to do things we could have done when they were alive.
It reminds us to do things even when they are alive.
We really should do things today & not tomorrow when it’s too late.

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